Megan Michelotti, LMT, CD(DONA)

GR Birth and Wellness Owner

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Birth Doula & Encapsulator

(260) 515-0558

**Accepting Repeat & Massage/Doula Package Clients Only**

About Me

Since 2014, I've spent countless hours beside pregnant, laboring and and postpartum women. I've attended more than 120 births, and provided more than 500 families with safe, reliable placenta encapsulation services. As one of Grand Rapids' most-experienced doulas, I'm delighted to now offer massage therapy for the childbearing year to Grand Rapids families as well!


I view the childbearing year as a life-changing transitional period that a mother will carry with her throughout her life. My goal is to protect that memory, by providing what are often missing elements: information, judgement-free support and wellness planning for the postpartum year.

A little about my personal life: I grew up on the lakeshore, and have Broadcasting and Spanish degrees from Western Michigan University.

I worked in local news as a producer, anchor and reporter, before starting my family. My primary role is that of "Mom". I find great joy and comfort raising my three boys close to family in the Grand Rapids area. That's where you can often find me failing miserably in the kitchen, peeling Legos from my feet, running and training for obstacle course races.

In this advanced season of my doula career, I find my work to be most effective and most fulfilling when engaged in a long-term commitment of support through the childbearing year. My calendar is open to repeat doula clients, and new clients who want to package doula and massage work.

GR Birth and Wellness, LLC is deeply committed to supporting maternal wellness in the childbearing year. We are licensed by the State of Michigan to provide Massage Therapy, and hold Doula Certification through DONA International.


We provide non-judgmental support to families with a wide variety of circumstances and preferences, including hospital & home births. 

GR Birth and Wellness serves families in Grand Rapids and surrounding suburbs.

GR Birth and Wellness, LLC

Grand Rapids, MI 


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