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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Pregnancy

Massage Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a natural approach to staying well, preparing the body for adversity and healing after a disruption in physical health.

This light touch therapy is used to stimulate the body's delicate Lymphatic System, situated between layers of skin and muscle.

During pregnancy (a time during which is considered rapid weight gain) this system becomes challenged as it is constricted into even less space. This why swelling comes with pregnancy sometimes: the body is moving fluid and metabolic waste out at a slower rate than normal, so there is a backlog!


Manually stimulating a challenged lymph system can optimize its efficiency and reduce swelling. Regular MLD therapy reduces the body's risk of creating stretch marks, and can help prepare for, or recover from a Cesarean birth.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is most effective when done in a series by a Certified MLD Therapist.

Single treatments are available at $110/hour. Non-pregnant and postpartum clients are welcome !


MLD is considered an eligible expense by most HSA/FSA.

Cesarean Birth Treatment Series

Ideal for pre- *OR* post- surgery

(3) 60-minute treatments | $300

Cesarean Birth Enhanced Treatment Series

Ideal for pre- AND post-surgery

(6) 60-minute treatments | $570

Wellness Treatment Series

Ideal for reaching long-term pregnancy wellness goals

9+ Hours $90/hour

Healing Touch Therapy_1
Healing Touch Therapy_1
Healing Touch Therapy_1

MLD for GR Birth & Wellness clients is provided by Certified MLD Therapist, Megan Michelotti, LMT, CMLDT, CD(DONA). Megan has completed extensive training and is certified to provide this specialty treatment through MLD Institute International.

Treatments in-home are available upon request, making healing optimization even more accessible during recovery from vaginal or surgical birth.

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