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Pregnancy & Birth Support

Hello! I'm Megan Michelotti, LMT, CD(DONA) I'm one of West Michigan's most experienced doulas, having attended more than 150 births in every hospital in West Michigan since 2013. I currently attend births for repeat clients, and massage clients. Birth preparation appointments with me are open to anyone.

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Standard Birth Doula Support
$950 + hourly package (as low as $70/hr)


A 30 min-interview and 60-minute massage is billed at $127.  This is an opportunity to learn about what a doula does, get all of your questions answered, and to explore compatibility. Your interview payment and appointment is applied to the massage package of your choice that accompanies your doula package.


Prenatal Visits

Our prenatal time together is defined by you, and the hourly massage package you choose to purchase (separate from birth support.) Whether we spend our time going over your birth plan, discussing resources and options, doing massage work and positing work is all up to you. Your partner is welcome to join you in any of your appointments. 

Phone & Email Support

Generous phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period is included in every doula/massage package.

During Labor

When you are in labor, I'll meet you at home or the hospital when you feel you need support (usually as active labor is beginning). I'll stay with you constantly through labor, birth, and for approximately one to two hours after your baby is born. 


Reflection Visit

Massage is included in one postpartum home visit within two weeks of your baby's birth to discuss your labor and birth experience, to help with any baby or breastfeeding questions, and to help ensure that your family is adjusting as smoothly as possible. This appointment is included in the birth support price.


Community Referrals

If you find that you need further support that I'm unable to provide, I can help refer you to the right professional or resource.

During Labor doulas...
  • Suggest different positions & techniques to ease pain and encourage labor progression

  • If birthing in a hospital, support you in your home and through the transition to the hospital

  • Ease stress by helping you understand what is happening in your body

  • Offer encouragement and affirmations

  • Help you get information you need to make informed decisions

  • Facilitate positive communication between you and your care providers

  • Allow your partner to rest if needed

The Benefits of Doula Support

Numerous clinical studies have shown that the support of a doula results in:


  • fewer Cesarean births

  • reduced use of pain medications

  • reduced need for pitocin (labor-inducing drug) and forceps or vacuum extractions 

  • higher breastfeeding rates

  • lower rates of postpartum depression

  • higher satisfaction with birth experience

Discounts and Payment Options


  • Payment plans available. Balance due by 37 weeks.

  • Gift certificates available

  • Doula services are an eligible expense for some HSA & FSA providers. 

  • Discounts available for repeat clients


Birth Preparation Appointment
90 Minutes - $127 

Birth Plan Review | Positioning Optimization | Comfort Measures | Trauma-Informed Yoga 

A 90 session to meet your specific needs. This session gives you access to my extensive knowledge of the prenatal and postpartum body, as well as support in mind-body connectivity via the practice of trauma-informed yoga that will optimize your birth experience.

Birth Prep Appointment
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