GR Doulas On Our Mission & Values

April 2, 2017

It's hard to describe what we do on a daily basis. When we say "I'm a doula" 99% of the time it's met with a blank stare, or the obvious: "A what-a...?" 

Many small business owners are familiar with the concept of "an elevator speech" which sums up what you do in the time it might take to go from the first floor to the third. If we had our way, all the buildings would be 200 floors high. We don't have our way, so our elevator speech goes something like this:


"I support women and families as they navigate pregnancy, birth and the transition into motherhood."


It's painful.


What we do fills gaps in maternity care where other professions leave off. Our role spans so many categories of tasks, jobs, and objectives. All which are completed with of our overwhelming passion, our never-ending drive, and our unsolicited and constant desire from within to better the world we live in.... Sigh. There's not an elevator speech in the world that could ever suffice.


Luckily, we spent all summer of 2016 writing our Mission Statement and Values. We believe it sums up the job we do, how we strive to do it and why. 


As women, as doulas, and as business owners, we are incredibly distinct people from one another


. However, we've brought our unique skill sets together and have built GR Doulas, LLC heading always in one common direction and will continue to do so.


This Mission Statement, and these values are what you can count on from us we serve mothers and families in the Grand Rapids and Lakeshore communities:



Our Mission

Doulas of GR Doulas, LLC walk alongside women as they become mothers. We provide credible, and evidence-based information, physical comfort, emotional support, and motivation for self-advocacy to women and their families, in an effort to protect the memory of the journey into motherhood. Through satisfying birth experiences, and therefore holistically healthier mothers and babies, we aim to strengthen the Grand Rapids & Lakeshore communities one family at a time.


Our Values

GR Doulas, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality of doula care available, which includes dependable, individualized service to accommodate diverse preferences and circumstances. Our value for patient self-advocacy and patient-participation in maternity care is reflected in every aspect of our service to our clients.


GR Doulas, LLC models acceptance of every woman as the expert on herself and her family. We prioritize building a woman-to-woman support network for our clients that will transcend the bounds of our doula service agreements, and uphold our mission to strengthen our communities.


GR Doulas, LLC holds third-party certification in high regard. We believe adhering to the professional standards of DONA International, including it’s Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics, furthers the doula profession and therefore increases the overall benefit of doula services to women. Collaboration with community partners is a necessity to allow us to serve our clients most comprehensively, and to do the most good for women. As professional doulas, we value continuing education as a means of self-improvement.





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GR Birth and Wellness is a collective of practitioners deeply committed to supporting maternal wellness in the childbearing year. Massage therapists hold current state licenses in good standing, while doulas are certified or actively pursuing certification through the respected third-party organization, DONA International.

We provide non-judgmental support to families with a wide variety of circumstances and preferences, including hospital & home births. 

GR Birth and Wellness serves families in West Michigan including Greater Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon, and Fremont.

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