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Oh the Halperts; the beloved power couple of the Dunder Mifflen Scranton branch. Jim and Pam seem to be the guideposts for healthy human behavior in the circus of personality disorders that makes up the staff of the fictional tv show, The Office.

However, in Season 6, Episode 17, when Pam goes into labor, we find out that Jim and Pam have unfortunately strayed from their typical path of making sound choices when it becomes apparent that


December 31, 2017

2017 has proved to be another exciting year for the GR Doulas team! In addition to serving over 150 families, we’ve had been some big changes and exciting adventures in our business. Here are the highlights!

We added two new doulas to our team this year! Christie Salazar joined us in July. Christie offers birth doula services and brings a worldly quality to the team - she began her doula career in England! Do you have any questions about the one of the newest pain relie...

”You say that now but you just wait!! You'll be begging for all the drugs.” “Why in the world would you want to do that?!” “There's no reason to be a hero, just get the epidural!!” "You wouldn't have surgery without drugs, would you?!"

If you desire to have a natural (aka unmedicated) birth, and have mentioned it to anyone....chances are you've heard one of these responses! With epidural rates as high as 90% or more in some hospitals, it is no surprise that express...

September 12, 2017

Name: Dana

Child: Boy, 7 weeks old

Place of birth: St. Mary's Mercy Health / Downtown Grand Rapids

What were your reasons for hiring a doula?

My husband and I are the first "kids" in our families to have a baby, and among the first of our friends to have kids as well. We wanted a knowledgeable person to go to for questions, support and encouragement before, during and after baby's arrival.

How was your doula most helpful during birth? How about during postpartum?


September 7, 2017

It was October of 2016 when Spectrum Health Butterworth opened it's first natural birthing suite. A second suite became available for use in December and since then, hospital staff tell us 74 babies have been born in these rooms!

Considering the hospital is the birthplace of about 8,000 babies annually, these special rooms have been used by very, very few women in the Grand Rapids area.

As we work with our clients, especially during early pregnancy when they are mak...

Name: Andrea

Children: Son, 4 years old & Daughter, 1 year old

Occupational: Therapist

1. What were your reasons for hiring a  postpartum doula?

Hiring Cassie as my postpartum doula was initiated by a dear friend during my pregnancy with my second child. Honestly, at the time, I don't think this was a something I would have asked for for myself. This dear friend and Cassie setup a postpartum gift registry for me, and asked for the support on my behalf. What would hav...